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Title: Joining the Truther Network Forum
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Truther Network Forum™ is a People Powered Discussion Forum:

Due to the high volume of spam and trolling in a free public forums, we find that people that want to be here will take the additional steps to do so. To become a member of the Truther Network™, you must be at least 18 years of age and must support their own usage by supporting the website's hosting and bandwidth fees at Buy Me A Coffee or Patreon for any amount.

Joining Truther Network Forum™ is a Two Step Process:

Here's the easy two step process to join the Truther Network™.

  • Support the forum at: Buy Me A Coffee or Patreon. Include the name of the Website or Forum you are supporting.

  • Fill out a Support Ticket at the Budget Forums' Help Desk. In the message box include the following information:

  • The Forum Name you wish to join. The 'website support' date with transaction ID Number or Customer ID Number from either 'Buy Me A Coffee' or 'Patreon' support platforms. It's important to include the name of the forum or website you're joining due to many Budget Forums™ and websites use the same enrollment process.

  • Include your desired Username with a valid e-mail address if using a different e-mail address as your Website Support e-mail address. For additional accounts, a separate Username & valid e-mail per account requested.

  • A confirmation will be sent within 24/72 hours after your initial support ticket submission. Please be patient, all accounts are manually processed.


It is important to follow the Two Step Joining Process, to ensure no delays in processing of new accounts.

  • This is a 'people powered' community forum supported by the website users. Meaning not sponsored by corporations or advertising.

  • Support ticket is to verify new account and manually processing them.



The private discussion forum is NOT associated with the U.S. Government, State and/or Local agencies.

This forum is a private and sole entity. It is a private but public social interactions platform, opened to invite only. This forum is a public website for community interactions, discussions and information sharing purposes ONLY. Individual's comment(s) and content are solely the responsibility of person making them.

Copyright © 2008-2022 Truther Network™ all rights reserved.

Title: Join Truther Network
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