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[110] O'Connell Report: Russia v NATO | Theater Or WW3 | The Big Picture

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:48 PM

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TNF Admin

Russia v NATO | Theater Or WW3 | The Big Picture
First published: February 23, 2022

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jin Ping are best buddies ever. They are in a positively coo'ing love phase. A clear forming of the multi polar world order as envisioned by Alexander Dugin in his book and lecture series. Dugin is the son of a Russian military intelligence general.

We go over the news in terms of the McKinder World Island theory of geo-politics - Steve Bannon named this multiple times as he went after Kissinger. We can only understand the NATO Ukraine Russia showdown and the Russian relationship to the Chinese Communist Party.

Critical Infrastructure remains the giant threat and the narratives point to a massive event - soon. We will see what transpires.

America is busy - covid, internal strife and massive division along multiple lines.

We need to "re-package" The Deep State to Kissinger & Associates and The East India Trading Company. We need to name it to fight it.

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