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[109] O'Connell Report: Crazy N.Y. Mother Takes On Israeli-Russian Espionage Ring...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:47 PM

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TNF Admin

Crazy New York Mother Takes On Israeli-Russian Espionage Ring
(Don't try this at home...)
First published: February 22, 2022

Ms. T is a New York mother of many. Trauma counselor. Net worker. She is lobbying her Senator with great success and you should too. Here is her short story - sorry, no aliens or bio-engineered viruses to make it exciting...just the hard boring work of saving your kids future.

Now go ask Alex Jones, David Icke, Joe Rogan, Whitney Webb, James Corbett - - - any internet hero of choice making good money playing "social media influencer dissident" why they have - at best - paid lip service to being an "agent of change".

How does the future look to you? They shut down the world economy...what's next? War? The appearance of a war? Cyber attacks and shut down of critical infrastructure? It will make covid look like a cakewalk - it will be INSTANT martial law, troops on street if power grids, banks, water, core infrastructure goes down and that may be the plan as the "cyber attack" narrative is pushed hard.

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