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[111] O'Connell Report: Russia & China Embrace, The Pan Eurasian Super State...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:48 PM

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TNF Admin

Russia & China Embrace, The Pan Eurasian Super State Takes Shape
First published: February 24, 2022

As we see Putin invade Ukraine, remember, the sanctions will force him to forge a powerful alliance with the CCP. Israel will most likely continue to supply them both with technology as sanctions prove useless holding back their military. Large trading blocs, eventually fold into one.

Russia and China have come out in the open - not that we didn't all know. Ready to set up the Pan Eurasian trading bloc. The Stalinist Rothschild East India Trading Company Dream.

What will the alt media stars do now as it unfolds? Claim ignorance? Just jump on the bandwagon? Proclaim themselves serious alt media dissidents? If we don't see these clowns for who they are they will have us all in the grave.

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