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[113] O'Connell Report: Tucker Carlson, Man of the People, Truckers Win!...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:49 PM

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TNF Admin

Tucker Carlson, Man of the People,
Truckers Win! Know Your Russian Oligarch
First published: February 26, 2022

The Canadian truckers continue to give vent to repressed bubbling feelings. Covert elite psychological warfare policies dictate a dialectical opposition, controlled by the same central bankers.

They use Data Analytic Companies like Dynology and Clearforce to screen candidates for the media and other sensitive influential positions, including the intelligence communities. Armed forces. Core "hubs of influence" both online and off.

Tucker Carlson, friend of Rupert Murdoch and Henry Kissinger, making $20 million dollars a year, is not our friend. He is the messenger of the enemy. A false prophet. By all means, soak him up, but know what you're soaking in.

The dialectical right left combination of the Soros and Kissinger & Associates gang must be constantly hammered home to people. We must also be careful not to become too cynical - but we must know, when Henry Kissinger and Co are in the room, the stench will be off putting and in inescapable. It cannot be ignored.

They will toss us bones, sacrificial lambs, fake witnesses, fake street interviews, fake political parties, fake heroes and fake villains.

How do we fight it? Get offline and enter the real world. Speak directly with core hubs of power and influence. The "Middle Managers". They are good people, imperfect and scared, just like you - show them you are smart, intelligent, and willing to support them as they clean out the Swamp that is the planetary communist international banking cartels - organised crime in thousand dollar Armani wool suits.

Only a powerful, cleansed and re-invigorated America can bring down this Banking Cartel Network.

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