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[114] O'Connell Report: Cyelon Russian Israeli Cyber War, Legislation Online License

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:50 PM

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TNF Admin

Cyelon Russian Israeli Cyber War
Legislation, License To Get Online...It's Here
First published: February 26, 2022

Cyber war, critical infrastructure - this is the narrative to centralize control of all online business as they want to do with banking and finance and transportation. They also want to confront "free speech" by bypassing it - critical infrastructure + national security + war powers act = internet a controlled war may leave now...

Trump is swinging on Israel - coming on strong. Is this good or bad? His former Ambassador is scathing of the Trump admin as anti-semetic. He claimed Rex Tillerson told him..."not to be so Jewish." Is this a public swing away from Zionist Power in the United States? Or something far more sinister than opportunistic "dog whistle data analytics" politics?

Is the Kissinger & Associates plan to shift Jews out of the United States in motion? Israel is already telling Ukrainian Jews to come on over - and bring their electrical engineering degree's with them. It feels like the 1930's all over again.

We must go over God Mode Unlocked and the work of Christopher Domas - how they found a tiny "RISC" based chip DEEP inside x86 based chips just like Intel and AMD. This tiny chip could be activated with special commands and over ride ALL security in any system it was installed in - what are the ramifications in the age of critical infrastructure warfare?

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