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[115] O'Connell Report: Virginia Giuffre v Prince Andrew, Epstein Sexual Blackmail..

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:50 PM

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TNF Admin

Virginia Giuffre v Prince Andrew
Epstein Sexual Blackmail Ring, The Big Picture
First published: February 28, 2022

Virginia Giuffre claims to have been sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to the high profile men like Prince Andrew - she swore it would go to court and it was only the beginning. Well, true to form, we wont be hearing anything more from Ms Giuffre, and the real deviates remain untouched and regularly on our computer screens dispensing vaccine advice.

Prince Andrew is a big fat "nobody", why all the attention on him when there are bigger fish to fry? Was it Prince Charles and his friends at Al Jazeera who needed warning off after the AIPAC and Friend Of Israel documentaries? Not to mention the leaking of Prince Charles letter urging an American president to "reign in the Jewish lobby?"

Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are but two of dozens of high profile men known to have been on Epstein's Israeli/Russian military intelligence plane and Island. A vast blackmailing operation of CEO's, lawyers, academics and politicians.

Epstein is but one of dozens of such blackmail rings spread across the planet. Can we tie in technology transfer and the destruction of the United States with Epstein like blackmail rings? Yes we can. Is it just the continuation of old Soviet era spy rings like that run by Nathan Gregory SILVERMASTER? The Vernona decrypts? Do we owe Senator McCarthy a giant apology? Yes we do.

Now that Virginia has reached a settlement worth in the tens of millions of dollars, will she be helping the women of Mexico? Central and South America? They don't get to fly around in private jets with rich men. They get bullets in the head. Dismembered, tortured and battered on a daily basis.

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