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[118] O'Connell Report: Why Russian Invaded Ukraine How To Make NATO Great Again...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:51 PM

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TNF Admin

Why Russian Invaded Ukraine
How To Make NATO Great Again
Kissinger & The Great Game...
First published: March 24, 2022

All Vladimir Putin has done is make NATO great again.

Will Putin get bogged down in an insurgency? No way he will win it, unless East Ukraine popular support helps - but I doubt it.

So what is he doing there? Kissinger & Associates put him there and Kissinger & Associates will take it all away - unless - there is a massive sea change in the United States?

Ukraine is all about solidifying power and trading blocs for The Belt and Road - the Stalinist dream. Iran will handle "The Stans" with Russian support. Russia North Asia. CCP south Asia. The Federated States of Greater Israel will co-ordinate from it's central position ala The Bunting Cloverleaf Map.

The United States is to leave Eurasia, focus on the peripheries, develop Mexico, Central and South America. Drop bombs if anyone gets out of hand. Allow a large chunk of it's high technology sector (if not all) to be transferred to Greater Israel as it becomes THE hub of technology innovation and development, distributing to Russia and China.

A Cold War 2.0 develops. Justifying large defense spending (high technology subsidies to private enterprise). Semi autonomous kill vehicles, fully autonomous surveillance technology developed over time - 5G UN Habitat Smart City Gulags. Robots and drones to fight the Cold be turned on us Agenda 2030 - watch out.

Or, has something changed as NATO has been made great again and the US refuses to budge from Eurasia? We don't trust the plan, but we dare to dream and keep pushing any way we can - especially politically, with a narrative that works.

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