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[119] O'Connell Report: Ukraine Fights For Life - Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:52 PM

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TNF Admin

Ukraine Fights For Life
Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
- Europe Knows It's True Master
First published: March 21, 2022

If Kissinger can get a Nobel Prize for carpet bombing South Asia, Vlad can get one for Ukraine.

Can it really be true? Vast convoys heading towards major Ukrainian cities? Has Vlad lost his mind? Taking a chunk of Eastern Ukraine seemed entirely doable with a Papal Kissinger Blessing and a wink, but all of Ukraine? Managing the cities? Controlling a counter insurgency? A potential blood bath - Russian soldiers easy pickings?

Urban warfare is a nightmare as U.S forces found in Iraqi cities. The battle for Fallujah in 2004, with total air supremacy, total situational awareness to a large degree. The enemy boxed in. Unable to be re-supplied. And it was a long hard slog recorded live for us all as we watched the carnage unfold. But US forces were blooded in heavy fighting and can bring that experience back home to deal with gun owners in Texas one day.

Knowing what is what, who is who, in the Ukrainian Russian zoo is difficult when you rely on a ever lying, obfuscating and misleading MSM and alt media...which is one in the same most days.

Putin looks extremely nervous at times. If things have been "pre-arranged", then it is a gamble for all involved.

But perhaps the main aim is already in the bag - making NATO great again. Preventing the formation of a viable United States of Europe with it's own combined military - free from US influence.

The next question is simple - is this good or bad? And for whom? I don't quite have that answer, but I suspect anything that creates greater and greater trading and military blocs is a bad thing as one day those blocs - under centralized control - will be rolled into one New World Order.

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