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[122] O'Connell Report: War With Russia Via Ukraine? Russian Penetration Of US...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:53 PM

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TNF Admin

War With Russia Via Ukraine?
Russian Penetration Of US Critical Infrastructure Via Israel?
First published: March 31, 2022

Far be it from me to want to be "seen" to agree with The Sniffy Hair Senile Butter Scotch Biden administration, but is war with Russia necessary? Off the cuff? ***Yes***.

I say yes, because "I aint in it". If I was pontificating from Ukraine by a nuclear reactor, perhaps my view would be different - but we are "real politik" baby, and I am amongst friends.

At first, I thought this was about the second phase of "Operation Hyperinflation Supply Chain Collapse" post Covid. Ya know, to keep the peasants busy INCLUDING (most of all) the US elite managerial class who are not too happy to see the balance of power being shifted to the Asia Pacific and China, with Russia as a side kick on Eurasia. Forming that new and ultimately powerful trading and military alliance to threaten the US dollar hegemony and shift the City of London planetary trading guild world business into a multi polar world order - ala Alexander Dugin and "The 4th Political Theory."

I thought this a simple "run in" into the Agenda 2030 sustainable development era of drones and robots, UN Habitat Smart Gulags and a long Fabian Socialist descent into anxiety and demoralization to be born again into a bright new shining destiny...Utopia, Roosevelt style building programs centered on critical infrastructure. Gold and BTC confiscation and "were all in this together" scientific man - free from the bonds of irrational fear. On into the age of scientific enlightenment; perfect order and perfect systems, supplied by perfect AI machine learning numbered algorithms.

Biden announces a ban on Russian energy - wooooo - that is hard core. Anyone would think they were trying to crash the world economy and sneak in the new CBDC system etc while were all panic buying our tuna and rice supplies.

But is there a ghost in the Kissinger machine?

I have a feeling this is about getting rid of Vladimir Putin and his Oligarchs and NOT forging a strong China/Russia alliance...though the CCP has stated recently nothing will tear Vlad and Xi apart.

"Some guy" with 3.12 million subscribers tells us the cyber World War III has already begun - and he is kinda right. He tell's us it is really concerning and a great mystery as to how all this is happening as one giant powerful company after another gets hacked - in the United States including the biggie...Nvida...and it is "b-a-d".

Strangely, twinkle toes internet star with one million views in 3 days is strangle ignorant as to the links between Israel, Russia and China AND the Chris Domas revelations well known to anyone in the game..."God Mode Unlocked". How a tiny RISC chip has been found in X86 industrial controller "Via Chips" that give full access to any system via one simple 64bit string of numbers and letters.

Its certainly a grand chessboard but it often resembles a bar room fight rather than a pleasant game of Kissinger and Co chess.

Regardless, the song remains the same longer term - greater trade and military blocs, robots and drones, sustainable development, UN Smart Cities, 5G surveillance and the total control of all human activity - unless America does what it needs to do.

It feels like 1929 and 1933 all rolled into one.

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