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[125] O'Connell Report: The Ukrainian Future - Smart Cities...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 24, 2022, 03:55 PM

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TNF Admin

The Ukrainian Future - Smart Cities
- The 4th Industrial Revolution With Julianne Romanello
First published: April 8, 2022

As the Ukraine is taken apart and big promises arise at giant rebuilding programs, crypto and block chain - do the Ukrainians know what they're in for? No, and they most likely don't care. Just like the Syrians, Iraqi's, Lebanese, and Libyans don't care.

Perhaps soon Americans and the so called "west" will be in the stewing pot and the slow cook turned up a little - that remains to be seen - but the aim is the same. Take people to the brink until they are "willing" to walk on in to their UN Habitat Smart City playground.

Julianne Romanello is a PHD university lecturer, formerly University of Tulsa, and she has been studding the details of the 4th Industrial Revolution to a high level.

We talk with her and introduce a more focused political message aimed at businesses, policing, military and the intelligence community - and politicians as well.

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