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[77] O'Connell Report: How will US & European Jews be Encouraged To Immigrate Israel

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:05 AM

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TNF Admin

How will American & European Jews
Be Encouraged To Immigrate To Greater Israel
First published: October 27, 2021

A big part of the upcoming Operation Endgame is to ensure adequate immigration of highly qualified Jews from Europe and the US into the emerging Greater Israel. But they will be taking anyone with a pulse and an electrical engineering degree.

How do you get Jews living comfortable lives in Europe and America to move to Greater Israel?

It's simple, you make Israel greater, and the rest of the world into a chaotic mess. I guess that might do it?

David Ben Gurion and Benjamin Netanyau are on the record talking of turning the United States (and Europe) into a giant welfare state while Greater Israel would be a dynamic center of innovation and control - a new British Empire administrative center. A hub of technology, communications and power. The new Rome.

And that is exactly what is unfolding.

Next question, what do we do about it? As I suspect sending links to each other will not be cutting the mustard. I guess everyone will do as their conscience dictates in good order.

The UBI and UN Habitat Smart City infrastructure is going in. Sexy Socialist Mod Squad Bolshies are in hibernation till the collapse and restructuring...all the solutions will be ready. The target population primed...

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