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[78] O'Connell Report: "Who Killed Diana?" (Documentary)

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:05 AM

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TNF Admin

"Who Killed Diana?"
- Best and Most Rare 2005 Documentary

I cannot tell you the name of this documentary - the best on exposing her self evident murder.

I recorded it off the television sometime in 2005-2006. I cannot find anything like it anywhere online and would be very interested if you can provide the name, production company etc.

After watching, if you still believe the "official accounts", I have some swamp land in Siberia to sell you.

This is a primer for a follow up video on Prince Charles, Russian gangsters, and cash for titles scandal.

Who killed Diana? Israeli Special forces. Why? She was pro Palestinian. She was going after the arms industry. She was pro Arab (as was Charles) and about to marry a Muslim man and possibly pregnant to him. Just her pro Palestinian stance was enough to seal her fate as we see Greater Israel unfolding. Imagine "The Peoples Princess" holding a dying Palestinian over Likud an Co.

As Kay Griggs told us in 1997, "The kill 5, 10, 20 people. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on somebody else."

Please enjoy and reflect.

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