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[85] O'Connell Report: The Three Amigo's - Ricardo Bosi, Max Igan & Jeff Berwick

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:07 AM

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TNF Admin

The Three Amigo's - Ricardo Bosi, Max Igan & Jeff Berwick
First published: December 23, 2021

Australian Israeli Firster Ricardo Bosi gave Mad Max Igan a shout out. Bosi is head of the Australia One party a high profile allegedly nationalist but rabidly pro Zionist outfit - aren't they all?

Mad Max has been going after Bosi on video from Cartel Country Achapulco where he stays with full time con man Jeff Berwick.

Bosi says these words..."Max, who has unfortunately...who is known for his excellent research..."

Mad Max Igan is a flat earther raving lunatic con artist. Provided cover for allaged Pedophile Ring PR man Don Fergasun aka, "Zen Gardner".

These three are typical of the three amigo three ring circus that is the online internet dissident star, taking on the system and taking peoples money in an endless list of half baked idiot narratives with an endless conga line of gullible suckers.

This had to be said. Now back to the real issues in future videos.

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