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[87] O'Connell Report: KGB Penetration of Israel & The United States - Its Bad

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:08 AM

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TNF Admin

KGB Penetration of Israel & The United States - Its Bad
First published: January 02, 2022

Ghislain Maxwell revelations are a joke. What's with this focus on "nobody" Prince Andrew who's only allegation is he had (allegedly), sex with a 17 year old female? What's this focus on the Royals about?

Is it because of British Intelligence teaming up with Al Jazeera to penetrate the Friends of Israel and AIPAC operations 2016-2017? And the "leaking" of Prince Charles letter regarding the Jewish Lobby in the US and his wish for a US president to take them on?

Not a mention of the VAST network of blackmailed CEO's, university professors and Deans, heads of research departments, and politicians.

The greater ramifications are the Israeli and Russian links to this vast blackmail operation that has spanned the decades.

Why did Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich throw away $25 billion dollars to Israeli joke companies? What happened to the Israeli 10nm disaster, the Icelake chip? Did Israeli technicians backdoor the CPU making it useless? So many questions flow from the Epstein NON revelations.

Does the defection of a KGB archivist in 1992 exposing the MASSIVE penetration of Israel by Soviet KGB and GRU hold the key to what is going on?

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