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[89] O'Connell Report: Interview With American Special Forces - Israel...

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:09 AM

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TNF Admin

Interview With American Special Forces
- Israel, Cyber & National Security
First published: January 10, 2022

I talk with special forces people with special attitudes. People who understand national security and talk with others of the same making. People who can fix problems and restore constitutions - which is their job.

"Scout" runs the website  - - they are not crazy militia people. Gun nuts, or big talkers. They're professionals who handle things quietly.

You need to speak with these type of people. Little "lefty" or "righty" feel good Apple IPhone devotes of the revolution who love Vladimir Putin cannot save us. That's Whitney Webb, James Corbett and The Last American Vagabond. These people will tell you not to speak with these people. Not to talk with the FBI. Not to talk with the Department of Homeland Security - just as Israel and Russia and China don't want you too - AND...the supervisors in the FBI, DHS etc don't want you too. The grass roots in these departments are raring to go...give them permission to go hard and talk to the right people.

Remember the FBI had five separate investigations (minimum) on Muhammed Atta and "Muslims" learning to fly in Venice Florida. Dave FRASCA, one supervisor put a stop to all those investigations. This rat line had been going since the 1993 bombing of the WTC and The Blind Sheik and a cell out of Egypt responsible for killing Sadat. They were totally protected by successive FBI counter terrorism supervisors while the grass roots agents were sidelined and disciplined.

Yuri Bezmenov laid it out for us - demoralization. Make sure your target population stay in doors, alone, not speaking to others, paranoid, distrustful of government and the institutions put in place to protect them. In that, the success of the Israeli, Russian and China axis of data analytics have been super successful.

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