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[90] O'Connell Report: Assange, Snowden Russia And Israel - The Great Game

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:09 AM

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TNF Admin

Assange, Snowden Russia And Israel - The Great Game
First published: January 05, 2022

This documentary is about Julian Assange and his conviction for hacking...and one major question from Julian Assanges past - who is "Pengo"?

"In The Realm Of The Hackers"

His name is never mentioned. In fact no names are ever mentioned, just their hacking pseudonyms. This shows at the time of making the documentary the participants were all employed in sensitive government IT positions.

It was released in 2003 by the Australian broadcasting corporation and I originally recorded it off the television in 2005.

What it shows is a highly redacted of what actually occurred in the early 1990's in Melbourne, Australia.

This was at a time when Assange and his friends were hacking the US department of defense and even NASA.

Its alleged the hacking group was handled via the KGB. How?

Via an East German hacker called PENGO.

At the time of Assanges arrest and conviction PENGO was found dead in an East German forest, his throat cut and his body burnt.

He was the liaison between the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB.

This was talked about openly at the time of the documentary online but ALL information has been scrubbed from the internet. If you have access to the data, please let me know at the email provided.

Julian Assange has had a long and deep relationship with the former Soviet KGB and now Russian SVU and possibly GRU.

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