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[92] O'Connell Report: Epstein, Guiffrey & Prince Andrew in Jane DOE v Curtis OLSON

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 08, 2022, 03:09 AM

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TNF Admin

Epstein, Guiffrey
and Prince Andrew in Jane DOE v Curtis OLSON
First published: January 9, 2022

Ruling Entered January 13, 2022  California Supreme Court Enforces Jane Doe's Constitutional Right to Hold Abuser Accountable in a Court of Law.

Video Contains Complete Jane DOE v Curtis OLSON Oral Arguments heard on November 3rd, 2021 at the California Supreme Court.

It was ground breaking for several reasons...

1. The same arguments being made in the Virginia Guiffrey v Prince Andrew case is being argued - the "litigation privilege" versus Guiffrey's right to "contract". Ms Guiffrey has a specific contract clause that will be difficult to wangle out of via the litigation privilege argument. This case amplifies that exact argument, though, with similar but different particulars.

2. The specific argument and the particulars in the Jane DOE v billionaire Curt OLSON case are quite extraordinary. OLSON's lawyer, Eric KENNEDY argues with a straight face - a generic "not to disparage" clause in a standard restraining order means Jane DOE cannot sue Curtis OLSON in a civil court over a sexual assault. This is an extraordinary argument and lawyer for Jane DOE argued against it beautifully, though it shouldn't be too hard as it is so ridiculous.

3. Three female Judges will have to explain their previous ruling that led to this California Supreme Court appearance. Judge BIGELOW, STRATTEN and GRIMES acted so bizarrely in their previous appeal ruling, many muse whether some VERY corrupt behavior has gone on.

Judge BEIGELOW is of particular interest given her affair with Tom GIRADI, husband of "The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills" star Erika JAYNE. Judge BIGELOW has behaved in some very inappropriate ways and she LOVES money and plastic surgery. We're not sure how she managed to deliver the outrageous Jane DOE v Curtis OLSON verdict but we will all assume it is going to come out in the wash very soon.

A detailed analysis of the massive corruption that has gone on in this case is to come...

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