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History Proves A Peaceful Transition To Freedom Will Be Impossible!

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 11, 2022, 02:59 PM

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TNF Admin

History Proves
A Peaceful Transition To Freedom Will Be Impossible!
History Proves A Peaceful Transition To Freedom Will Be Impossible!

Re: Richard Werner on Central Banks

I said from day one that Bitcoin is a Rothschild Judeo-Masonic Kosher TEST PLATFORM for Jew-ISH (Brit-ISH) fiat digital currency evaluation for another 245+ years of USURY ENSLAVEMENT. How I knew it was Cabal's Bitcoin is that the price of BTC fluctuates with the rise and fall of the worthless 1971 U.S. Nixon Shock Petrodollar. If any country goes to Gold & Silver..., the Kosher parasitic money bags will gobble up the precious metals from any country rolling out metals.

The NEW digital currency CONTROL needs to taken away from the small hat long noses & their Shabbos goy (aka: Masonic Kosher pole smokers). We need a Non-Masonic Military to round up and I.D. Tag these criminal stool-pushing cocksuckers and PERMANENTLY BAN them from touching the countries' new monetary system. Rothschild & British stolen precious metals will need to be recovered for humanity's sake. Taxation & Templars has a matching eleven gematria cipher match and that is the equivalent to the word of God..., or the (((ones))) playing God. Gematria is the secret hidden half the Royal Crown Cabal's Masonic "Born-To-Be" Criminal Network doesn't want you to know because these people are coded at birth. They ALL can
and will be identified, BANK on it.

PayPal & Patreon are already closing accounts of New World Order Dissenters, the Rothschild Royal Masonic Cabal Mafia Network doesn't need to be in control of countries' new Digital Monetary System. Enough is enough with their BULLSHIT bank usury enslavement. Non-Masonic Global Militaries should be executing and terminating these fucking criminal parasitic banker families that have been enslaving civilizations for centuries.

Let's be very CLEAR on the subject dealing with the perpetrators of this 'Great Conspiracy' The robbing, raping, pillaging and murdering by this Rothschild Global Royal Masonic criminal network of bloodline families needs to be exterminated from the planet and the centuries of stolen precious metals needs to be recovered for humanity's sake.

This "born-to-be" chosen one hillbilly Freemasons that run every tax shakedown 'Zip Code' farms, they also need to be terminated with their families, for their individual treasons and crimes against humanity. The Rockefeller Medical AMA Mafia needs to be wipeout, with no mercy for these criminal fucks. Don't get me started with 'nurses' and 'hospice', which are nothing more than euthanasia tools to carryout the small hats' selective depopulation plan by the Sabbos Goy Kosher pole-smoking murderers.

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