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The Vox Report: ADL Child Rape Story (22.04.12)

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 12, 2022, 05:19 PM

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TNF Admin

The Vox Report: ADL Child Rape Story (22.04.12)

The infamous Jewish pressure group that has control of the English language and can tell governments and corporations what to think, feel, and express. This most disgusting of organizations was formed to protect a child rapist named Leo Frank in a famous case where Frank, had raped and murdered a young 13 year old sweatshop worker named Mary Phagan.

Leo was the head of the B'nai Brith Jewish organization so a lost was at stake for the reputation of Jewish power. He was convicted and sentenced to death but powerful Jewish financial groups bribed the governor to commute his sentence to life in prison instead.

The people broke in to the prison and got Frank and hung him by the neck on tree, The ADL was formed to bribe, blackmail, intimidate people to clear Frank's name.

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