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The Vox Report: Jews Are Burning Our Books - A Call To Action (22.04.10)

Started by TNF Admin, Apr 11, 2022, 02:11 AM

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TNF Admin

The Vox Report: Jews Are Burning Our Books - A Call To Action
First published at 22:21 UTC on April 9th, 2022

The plan is to destroy all hard copies of books that expose the Jewish destruction of our societies. In order to do this they will need to convince the populations of the world that hard copies of books in libraries can lead to the spread of viruses or other pathogens. This was one of the objectives of their Covid-19 crime as we saw libraries throughout the nation dispose of millions of books. Once the hard copies are gone it will be a simple matter to alter the text in the digital versions - all of which they aim to control. used to be a reliable source of books about our past but those days are quickly coming to an end as we see books relating to the Jewish control of the banking systems of Europe being restricted under time "borrowing" restrictions and digital rights management.

There is NO CREDIBLE EXCUSE FOR A BOOK THAT IS OVER 100 YEARS OLD TO BE RESTRICTED UNDER DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT RESTRICTIONS. The only way this could happen is because Jewish groups object to the history that is contained within the pages of those now restricted books. There is no other excuse as to why books about the Jewish control of the banking systems would be put under restricted access.

We need to form a CITIZEN'S HISTORICAL PRESERVATION army to go out an preserve our history and start by preserving the books about the Jewish control of the money supplies throughout history because that seems to be the books that they definitely do not want anyone to access.

I need researchers who are self starters and who do not require to be taken by the hand - I need people who can provide results without the need for supervision. We need a database that can list the books that we have preserved and shared so that there is no need to waste efforts to duplicate efforts.

Please put ideas into the comment section on this matter and lets start to solve the problem of the restriction and destruction of our history.

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